You are a proud owner of an English bulldog puppy, and want to feed your pet the best and right food, but can get a little confused with so many options and advice.

Some of us may not be aware but it is very interesting that growing English bulldog puppies often consume more calories as compared to an adult dog. A puppy weighing about 50 pounds requires a minimum of 1450 calories every day. In case you puppy has a comparatively sedentary lifestyle, where they just lie through the day with minimal exercise, they may require less calories. Protein is among the most essential component of your English bulldog’s diet. The breed requires at least 22% protein when they are puppies and 18% for adult dogs.

English bulldog breeder will provide you with the diet being given to the puppies but you will need to slowly transition your new pet off the given diet. English bulldog puppies can be introduced to an organic, all natural, high protein diet which will help with the development of his bones, muscles and joint growth. If you are buying food for the English bulldogs off the shelf, make sure that this food is formulated for English bulldog puppies. This detail can be found at the back of the packet. The choice of feeding wet or dry food to the puppy yours, and good quality options are available in both.

English bulldog breeder can advise you and you can also add some extras to supercharge the food of the English bulldog puppies. For example add a tablespoon of probiotic yogurt to each meal as it will assist in not just better digestion but also in bone growth. Most English bulldogs enjoy the taste but make sure that the yogurt is low sugar and plain when given to the English bulldog puppies. Another excellent source of protein is hard boiled eggs and 1 egg can be given per day. Eggs help strengthen hair follicles, build muscle and repair tissue. Be cautious when feeding commercial dog food to the English bulldogs as they often contains harsh chemicals, toxic substances, antibiotics and growth hormones.